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How to make "Horchata" using traditional Premium Organic Tiger Nuts

This is our expert Chef Kimberly on how to make a traditional "Spanish Horchata" using our raw Premium Organic Tiger Nuts. By the way you can make it without alcohol and it is still amazing!!!!!

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Tiger Nuts Premium Organic FLOUR

This is a short video from our good friend Kimberly and her show - "Cooking with Kimberly". This time she get's a good look at our amazing Premium Organic Tiger Nuts Flour. Phil Lempert - The Supermarket Guru, said of our Premium Organic Tiger Nuts Flour "It's a HIT", and the truth is that once you have tried baking with it you will love it. Just because it's Gluten Free, Nut Free, Organic, it doesn't mean it does not taste great, because frankly it does. And the bonus is that it bakes 1-1 just ordinary flour.

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WOW Now Tiger Nut Oil is available!

This is Premium Organic, Tiger Nuts Extra Virgin Oil, and we could be biased, but we think it truly is an amazing product.

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